Now that you've had your consultation and paid your session fee we need to start planning your session. continue reading to learn how we plan your ideal session.

Step 1


I typically like to schedule my maternity sessions later in the evening about an hour before sunset.  The lighting at this hour is absolutely beautiful.  If younger siblings will be joining us on our session, I understand a later session may be hard.  In this case, I would suggest a very early morning start time. 

Step 2


The type of session you are envisioning will need the perfect location. We will discuss your ideal setting whether it has a mountain backdrop, beach, wooded area, field or a studio style session. I have some amazing go to places and am always on the lookout for new locations so if you have a specific location in mind please let me know so I can scout it out looking for the best spots/lighting. 

Step 3


I love the full range of options that are available for today’s mother-to-be: open and flowing or crisp and modern. Embrace looks that show your belly, and give it the definition it deserves. Try a tank, camisole or a long flowy sweater that opens just above your belly bump. You can’t go wrong with jeans and a t-shirt or tank - but look for options that include a lycra bend so that they remain crisp and form flattering. For jeans and pants, try for “under the belly” - it doesn’t matter if you can snap them or not, an open snap will show far better than a large maternity panel. Just prior to your session, try to avoid anything tight that will leave a band mark or indentations on your belly. There is something lovely about just a plain, simple, button down...classic yet a bit intimate if unbuttoned, especially if it belongs to your partner. And should you feel especially radiant, investigate options for maternity lingerie!

Hair and MAKEUP

Because this session is about showcasing your beauty and glow, why not treat it as a gift you will give to yourself, and to your baby? If you choose not to splurge on professional stylist, I recommend date night hair and makeup, it photographs beautifully.


Some of my favorite maternity clothing options: 

  1. Pink Blush
  2. Seraphine
  3. Ingrid and Isabel
  4. Maxwell
  5. VICI
  6. Baltic Born
  7. Shop Stevie


If you purchase anything from the vendors listed below, I like to offer my clients a 50% buy back option. If you feel you would only wear these for the pictures and are on the fence but really love what your seeing, I will buy back for 50% of cost to add to my studio collection.

  1. Show Me Your Mumu
  2. Rachel Pally
  3. Wren & Ivory
  4. Sew Trendy Accessories
  5. Miss Madison
  6. Plum Pretty Sugar
  7. Bhldn
  8. Free People
  9. katharina Hakaj Couture


  1. Trish Skully
  2. Rainey’s Closet
  3. Elestory
  4. Boden
  5. Janie and Jack
  6. Nordstrom Kids Department
  7. Baby Gap
  8. Kyte Baby